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Love or Hate?

It is said that it is easier to smile then frown. Isn't the same true with love and hate? Love is as lite as air and brings overwhelming joy. It will put a smile on your face. Hate is dark and heavy; and it weighs on us like the 20 pounds gained after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. And remember, God is Love.


We believe because of what we feel in our hearts. If we truly have faith, then we can truly trust. Jesus, I Trust in You.


We must forgive ourselves! When we go to confession God forgives us; He loves us. But for some unforeseen reason we don't, we can't forgive ourselves. The real answer is that is the devil as work.


God created us. God knows us. God loves us. As the Father's children we must always strive to maintain our dignity and recognize the dignity of each and everyone of our brothers and sisters.

In a word

describe how you felt in mass last. What word did you choose? Remember the Liturgy of the Mass is a celebration - blessed, cheerful, grateful, or joyous.

Greatest of Tabernacles

The consecrated host, the Body of Jesus Christ, is stored in the tabernacle (dwelling place), an ornately crafted repository. The greatest tabernacles are you and me when we receive the Eucharist. Why? The first was made by man. The later was created by God in his image.

The "Thin Space"

Is where heaven and earth meet. During the preparation of the gifts the priest calls upon the Holy Spirit to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. In that brief moment, heaven and earth meet between the altar and the rim of the chalice - a space of less than 12 inches. And we witness it at every mass. What a blessing!

James 1:21

Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in you and is able to save your souls.

Time Travel

God inspired the human authors of scripture through the Holy Spirit. The same is true when we read (are fed through) scripture today.

Weathering the Storm

During a heavy rain the other day, I found a family of four young raccoons clinging to each other (by instinct) at the back day of where I work. Who or what do you cling to when weathering a storm? Alcohol, drugs, gambling, or sex? If that is the case in the past, how has that worked out? Next time, follow your heart (instinct) and turn to God.


In the Our Father we recite "And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us." During this year of Divine Mercy, is there a family member, a friend, or even yourself who you have failed to forgive? Pray to God and for the Holy Spirit to open your heart and guide you.


If you are reading this, God had blessed you and I with another day. The real question is: What do we do with it? Saint Terese of Lisieux said it is the "little" things we do. A little thing can be a simple gesture, a smile, or a small deed, helping a stranger. Either is a reflection of Jesus Christ and plants a small seed.

The beginning

Like so many of my sisters and brothers, I am a weak child of God trying to make sense of my place in the world. I am trying to answer God's call with a website and blog intended to sort all of the information in our head and funnel what is of God to our heart. To start this new journey, we must begin with the understanding we are in this world and not of this world.


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