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We don't know...

how the person we're interacting with often feels. They could have cut us off in traffic, not held the door open, or are seemingly rude at check-out. Are they tired, sick, depressed, or going through a serious crisis? Quite often we need to stop and ask ourselves, "What's going on in their life?" Then we need to be compassionate and say a prayer for them.

Do overs

How many times has the thought " I wish I could do that again" happened. And we know that is not possible. With one exception: God gives us as many "do overs" as we need. We call it reconciliation. Give it a try! Alleluia.

Gentile presence

As children of God; and disciples of Jesus Christ we should try and mimic Him who would not put out a smoldering wick or break a bruised reed. We should strive to leave all persons we encounter better than upon first meeting. Amen.

For reflection

Jesus's teachings in the gospels should touch the very core of our being. Each parable or story calls for reflection and potential change drawing us closer into communion with the Holy Trinity. Amen.


Finishing up from the two previous days. And now for the most important element: Is the matter at hand of heaven or earth? From God, of God, for God = eternally important! Of this world - not so much. Praise be to God.


Continuing from yesterday; recognize most people do not like to make mistakes in the first place. Also, few people have to make split-second decisions. The old adage, "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" applies. Trust God and pray with a "Why?" to get the insight to make rationale decisions.

Trial & Error

Parents often joke about how newborn children don't come with an owner's manual. When you think about it, it wouldn't work since no two persons are exactly alike. The reality then is we go through life making decisions and sometimes mistakes. The important part of the process is to learn from and not repeat the mistakes.

A bright pilot light

Continuing from yesterday; there is only one source to fuel your light - Jesus Christ. If you truly allow Jesus into your heart, you will burn brightly for all to see. Alleluia.

Pilot light

Take a minute and read Matthew 5:15-16. Then reflect on what fuels your light.


How strong is your foundation? It was started for you at birth. What have or are you doing to strengthen it? The strongest stones can crumble under certain circumstances. Jesus Christ is our cornerstone and we simply have to maintain a healthy relationship with Him.


Sorry, not referring to wildlife and woods, but rather human nature. We have the unique ability to over think and complicate everything. The solution is the K.I.S. (Keep It Simple) principle. Find a quiet place, free your mind temporarily of distractions, enter into prayer, and make yourself available (without any expectations) to God. May take a few times.


In despair, a person might say they are nothing or they have nothing. In the beginning, God created everything from nothing and found it all very good. So seeming nothingness is always something since creation. The problem lies with the fact we truly can't comprehend nothing, just as we can't comprehend eternity as neither exists in the world as we know it. The answer to the quandary then lies in our "belief" as stirred by our faith.

Worth repeating

God creates and loves us because He wants to. We condemned ourselves through original and personal sin. God sacrificed Himself for our salvation. And God desires for us to reside with Him in Heaven for eternity. That is the WOW moment. Alleluia!

Your Calling

Have you answered God's calling? Many might ask, "How do you know?" Most have; as a friend, spouse, parent, or through their job. The seemingly little and insignificant things we do each day serves God and others. No one else can replace you. We impact countless lives in our lifetime; and that is no small matter! God Bless...

Seen & Unseen

God created all things, visible and invisible. And we, you and I, out of all of God's creation are both. We have physical bodies and spirits. When we allow our physical bodies to convey the essence of our spirit, both become seen, as does God through our actions and words. Praise God!


We hear it all the time; "Drink in moderation" and "Eat in moderation." And there is a lot of truth to that. Too much of a good thing typically isn't good for us -- except for God. With God, there is no such thing as too much. So eat, drink, sing, and dance God all you can! Alleluia.

Enjoy the view

On occasion our journey seems to take us on steep inclines. At such times it can become easy and complain. A better solution is to stop, look around, and enjoy what God has done around you. Similar to not seeing the trees through the forest.

What or How?

Which is truly more important - what we are or how we are when interacting with other people? God created us to be us. There will only be one us in the history of mankind. We don't have to try and be perfect. We just don't need to be pretentious.

A blank canvas

provides yet another analogy of our lives. Everything we say and do is like a stroke of the artist's brush. The good is the bright colors and the not so good is the dull colors. The great thing is the artist can paint over the dull colors. We will be a masterpiece if we allow God to wield His brush.


The best cure all for whatever ails us. With no prolonged or harmful side effects. Most often the best starting point is with us as we shouldn't take ourselves too serious. It is also very contagious. Laugh until you cry! Amen.


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