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Always from the heart

From the heart motivates, captivates, and eliminates. From the heart is filled with energy, it feeds, and removes mis-understanding as it is full of love and mercy. God created us in His image and from the heart reveals and glorifies Him to those we cross paths with. Amen.

Show Me

In 2 days I had conversations with 2 men of different faiths (same God) where the topic was how we (mankind) are all alike. We come from the same place, we need and basically want the same things, and we are destined for the same ending. Why then can't we set aside our perceived differences and work together for the betterment of all?


Is the force which fortunately keeps us close to our earthly home. There is another "gravity-like" force which unfortunately draws us back to worldly distractions. There is however, a force greater than either -- the love of Jesus Christ. When your feet are on the ground, but headed in the wrong direction turn to Jesus. Alleluia.

Fear Not

Jesus repeated these two words several times in the gospels. Those who trust in God have no reason to fear. We already know how things end in this world and was is expected of us. Trust is easy to say and hard to do. Trust is the truth from our God who cannot lie. Amen.

Worth saying - worth repeating

Truth be told, we need to hear things again (and sometimes again.) God's love created us into existence, sustains us, redeemed us from sin, and offers us eternal life with Him. Amen.

Forgive and Forget

God forgives a repentant heart and forgets forever. We must do the same. Anything other than that is the work of evil one. Alleluia.

Strength in numbers

Which is more powerful - one person saying a prayer or a 100 persons? Obviously 100! And that is why everybody's participation (praying and singing) during the mass is so important. We want God to HEAR us, not hear us. Amen.


When we stop and examine our lives, the virtue that helps us most is simply being as humble as possible. When we don't seek personal reward for our efforts, God rewards us far beyond what anyone else ever could. Amen.

Do Overs

Golf has "Mulligans," a free stroke. God has "Do Overs," all the time following Reconciliation. Fall down, get up, repent, and start again. Try it... Amen.


Socrates said there were two kinds of people in the world "the wise who know they are fools, and the fools who believe they are wise." The old adage, "With age comes wisdom" may not hold true. More appropriately is, "With God comes wisdom" as wisdom is a grace. Amen.

A glimpse

God in His smallness gave us a glimpse of His greatness today. Alleluia!

Then and Now

Then; man believed happiness was through being good. Now; man believes happiness is through what one does or has. Not all change is for the better. If you are looking for happiness, look to God. Amen.

"I don't like such n' such church"

I have heard this a number of times recently. Admittedly, I didn't know how to respond. After much contemplation here is my response for the future: 1. Whose church is it? - Jesus Christ's. 2. Who guides the priest, cantor, etc? - The Holy Spirit. and 3. Why are we there? - To worship and praise God. So when someone says; "I don't like..." it's kind of like saying; I don't like God." Think about it...

I'm #3!

The reality is: it is not all about you or me. Never has been, never will be. God is the Reality - He is #1. God blessed us with our family (immediate or extended); for better or worse - they are #2. And we are #_ - you got it. Love. Love always puts the other person (Divine or Dignified) first. God Bless...

Filling the tank

There is too much junk in this world to get from one Sunday Mass to the next. I have to go to Daily Masses through the week to keep my soul's tank at three-quarters. Holding Jesus Christ in the palm of my hand gives me hope and the strength - much like the hemorrhaging woman who touched Jesus's cloak and was healed. Alleluia.

Truly knowing God requires thinking

As we grow in our faith and strive to grow closer to our God our thoughts matter. The difference becomes we either know of God or we know God. Faith is not blind - it is impart an emotion. When talking to God, ask questions. Amen.

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Blessed Mother is our greatest role model and intercessor. Chosen by God she said, "Yes" of her own free will. Our Mother Mary now intercedes for us with her Son, Jesus Christ. Our Holy Mother has appeared numerous times on earth since her assumption to guide us and give us courage as we wait for the New Kingdom. Hail Mary full of grace...

Happy Laughter

After a Matt Maher concert we met with a couple of Sisters from a nearby Monastery. One of the Sisters was all smiles and laughing like that of a happy child. It was like a beautiful song to the ears and an obvious blessing from her bride, Jesus Christ. Praise be to God. Warning: Laughter can be contagious!

End result

There are actually two end results to every situation in our lives. The first is the outcome at that moment of our life; and is the least important. The second is at the end of our life - being received by Jesus Christ in the New Jerusalem; and should be the most important. Which end result are you focusing on? Amen.


Yes, I'm shouting. We need God every moment of ever day of our lives. God is not something we pull out of our pocket when all else fails. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is Who we go to first for everything. Allelujah.


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