April 30, 2017

Not a popular topic of discussion.  As a lingering inevitability it can be a great test of faith.  And so the question becomes, "Do we believe (trust) that Jesus Christ's resurrection has conquered death so we will live eternally in heaven with God?! If our answer is "...

April 29, 2017

Be aware in the moment as God may be trying to share with you through nature or words from a friend.  Amen.

April 29, 2017

Periodically like everything else in our lives, we need to take the necessary time to clean out the clutter.  The effort will allow us to hear God more clearly and remove barriers which are also interfering with our spiritual growth.  Amen.

April 28, 2017

As children of God and servants to our brothers and sisters, we need to be mindful of the physical and mental traces we leave behind.

April 27, 2017

Scripture is God's word.  If we read it and honestly think about it, our minds will be opened and our hearts drawn closer to God.  Our focus will go beyond the smoke and mirrors of this world and we will find purpose and fulfillment.  Amen.

April 26, 2017

A single thread is fragile.  But interwoven threads are

extremely strong.  And we individually are like a single thread. Who we are interwoven with (family, true friends, and church) and Jesus Christ determines our resilience. Amen.  

April 25, 2017

Not knowing where we are can stir a lot of emotions.  But being lost in God is a place where we don't want to be found.


April 24, 2017

Today is the day for loving forgiveness.  We share in an opportunity to receive endless mercy from the God whose love for us is beyond our words; and to be merciful towards our family, friends, co-workers, classmates, or acquaintances. Mercy heals and makes relationshi...

April 23, 2017

Unfortunately we live in a society today where people believe their opinion on whatever matter is the truth.  The reality is there is only one truth, in existence since the beginning of time, GOD.  People need to stop playing God and let God be Himself.  The world woul...

April 21, 2017

Like an old radio we sometimes need to move to reduce the interference and improve reception of God's word.  We just need to be attuned and attentive as God is always talking to us.  Amen. 

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