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Jesus Christ freed the righteous souls from the beginning of time held in the netherworld. Jesus frees us as well. Amen.


Jesus Christ has willingly died for all of us. In 3 days He will rise to give us life. We just need to pick up our cross and follow Him. Amen.


Just as Jesus washed his disciples feet, He washes us. Amen.


"...put away childish ways." Children blame "him, her, or them." Adults (Children of God) take responsibility for the good and bad of their lives. Sin is sin no matter what else we try to call it. Turn to Jesus Christ, confess, and let Him take responsibility for our salvation! Amen.

Encountering Jesus

Which describes your relationship? Regular long walks with a near and dear friend; or, occasional chats about the weather with an acquaintance?


Every experience God graces us with serves His purpose. A childhood experience may be called upon in adult life to aid a friend, a stranger, or even ourself. No coincidences. Amen.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday sees the return of Jesus to Jerusalem; the beginning of this Holy Week. Amen.

Glorifying God

We are called to glorify God through our actions - no matter how great or small. Amen.

The Marks

We are permanently marked at our Baptism and Confirmation. We are adopted sons and daughters through the Passion of Christ and temples of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In our cooperation with God and our brothers and sisters we establish a foundation for things to come with the return of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

A Father's Love

In one of those daily moments of thinking of my grown son, I remembered a time when he was a baby. There, I had a glimpse of the love my God has for me and you. Amen.


We are called to live and bond with our families, neighbors, and co-workers. God weaves our similarities and differences into a beautiful pattern - we call humanity. Amen.


God knows we can do very little without Him. Do we know that? Amen.

Our plans

Have a day where things didn't go as you planned? Why? Because it went as God planned! Amen.


Life can be hectic on so many different levels. 5 minutes of quiet prayer with Jesus Christ can calm the heart and clear the mind of unimportant matters. Amen.

More than given

We are called to give - freely. And amazingly, God gives us even more; abundantly. Amen.


We can be likened to flowers. We grow and finally we bloom. In our blooming we catch others attention and can share our secret - Jesus Christ is our gardener. Amen.

On Fire

A term used for someone who is really strong in their faith. Something we should all strive for; all the time. Amen.

Rust free

We must make every effort to keep the corruption of this world out of our lives. Corruption is much like corrosion which can potentially weaken our souls and our relationship with God. Amen.

Going full circle

Sometimes my earthly journey seems like I'm going in circles. I come across the same landmarks (Mass, Reconciliation, and such); and then I realize I can change the arc of this circle. In doing do I skip the unwanted and unnecessary to return more frequently to those desired landmarks. The Holy Spirit is a great guide. Amen.


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