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Jesus' feeling too

Love with an aching heart. Just look at the Crucifix. "For there is no greater love than to lie down one's life for a friend." Alleluia.

Jesus' feelings

In the Gospels we read on several occasions where Jesus felt pity for the people He encountered. Ever ask yourself what does Jesus feel when He receives your prayers filled with sorrow, confusion, frustration, or sickness?

How will you do Jesus's work today?

Its Saturday; but it is not the weekend for everyone. Care by a smile, a thank you, or a word of encouragement. Let the other people see Jesus in you. Amen.


Focusing on our similarities allows us to look beyond our differences. Our success as the Body of Christ depends on our unity with each other and those outside His Church. Amen.


Many people hide behind masks for as many reasons. Without judgement we must lovingly encourage our family and friends to allow us to help them. We are here to serve, just as Jesus is. Amen.


Love is the unselfish, total, giving of self to another. There is no expectation for anything in return. Our greatest example is Jesus on the Cross. Amen.

"I Thirst"

Jesus Christ said, "I Thirst" in one of his last breaths. His thirst is for us to accept His love and return it to God. Are you quenching His thirst? Amen.


A grace with which God leads us. The frequency depends on an open heart, the willingness to act, and appreciation for God's gifts. We can also ask God for inspiration in our prayers. Amen.

Ignatian Silent Retreat

Just returned from my first 3-day silent retreat. Still trying to process all of the fruits. The worldly noise is overwhelming. I would highly recommend and encourage your taking advantage of such a retreat. You will not regret it. Praise be to God!

In the shallows...

...we feel safe. In the deep we feel can quickly feel like we are in over our heads. This is especially true in relationships; and our faith. Jesus Christ will keep us afloat; if we trust Him. Amen.

Happy endings

Not everything ends the way we plan. But everything God plans does. We run the race and He gets us to the finish. Alleluia.

Start overs

Every time we walk out of the confessional with a penitent heart. Alleluia.

Shaming & Trolling

A worldly trend where anonymity allows people to say mean and hateful things. Christ told the adulterous women he didn't condemn her and to go and sin no more. That is our example to live by. Amen.

Year #3

Year #2 has come and gone. Year #3 is anew. Take a moment to check out the rest of the Website.

It was Steubenville weekend

God is Good - All the time! All the time - God is Good! Time with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit without the worldly distractions. Forgiven, nourished, and energized. Praise be to God!!!

Where did you find Jesus today?

Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes of quiet time and reflect on your day. If you saw where He was; what did He say to you? Will you look harder for Him tomorrow?

Jesus Loves You

We hear it. We may say it. But do we take time and really think about it? What do those three words truly mean for each of us?


A title and a pic that will make one think twice, as not seemingly very Christ-like. The word has a very negative connotation in our PC society, but there is place for its use. For example, a person might say to a family member or friend, "What were you thinking? That was stupid." There was no insult as one might jump to conclusion of. The one person did not call the other stupid, they simply insinuated the thought, words, or act were beneath the other person. Read any of St Paul's letters! Created in God's image there is a grace of wisdom. There is however, the free will to use it for the better good or not; and that might be where the pic comes in.

So much alike

At our core there are very few differences between us as we all were created in the image of God. We fail to remember that because of stereotyping and presumptions. We need to look deeper and allow the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and see as He sees. Amen.


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