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And lead

us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. When we let God be in control, He guides our loving and merciful hearts which are more like Jesus' than own.. Amen.

"And forgive

us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us." Our God is loving and merciful. He calls us to forgive, just as He forgives. Not forgiving places a heavy burden on us. Amen.

"Give us

this day our daily bread." Our God cannot only provide all things we need, but He wants to because He loves us. We just have to let Him. Amen.

"Thy Will

be done, on earth as it is in Heaven." Peter clearly demonstrated we can't walk on water unless God empowers us to do so. And even then... Much of what we see happening in the world will cease to exist. God will return all things and His chosen to the way He wants it. Amen.

Christ Our Life 2020

Leaving this morning. My wife and I, and a number of friends, are journeying to Des Moines to be fed with bread of the finest grains and wine of the choicest grapes. Praise be to God! You can check it out at:

"Thy Kingdom

come." We live in the here and now; but that's not what its all about. The here and now is imperfect, full of pain and suffering in aging bodies. God's Kingdom will be perfect, filled with the ecstasy of His love, in glorified bodies for eternity. Amen.

"Our Father,

Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name." THE God of all creation is our Abba, Father. He creates, sustains, and has plans for us simply because He Loves us. He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. We should want a familial relationship with Him more than anything else. And yet out of love, He gives us free will to choose. Amen.

Prayer - The Our Father

I routinely hear people of all ages, saying, "they just don't have time to pray." Jesus gave us this perfect prayer. At a reasonable pace it takes 25 seconds. Driving, walking, or standing in line gives us more than that. We just need to make praying a (good) habit. Amen.

With God's Peace

Comes His love; and with His love comes the burning desire to love. And with this love comes acceptance - acceptance of God's plan and the fact we are not in control. Which brings about a joy that nothing else can comes close to. Amen.

Avoiding darkness

We come to recognize the things that have a negative impact on us. One of those things for me was watching the news. So I quit watching it and I certainly don't miss it. Why? Because God has replaced the negative with peace. Amen.

Getting more...

...than we deserve. We cannot earn God's graces. Yet, our God gives, and gives, and gives. Also, He gives us exactly what we need so we cannot compare what we receive to what other persons receive. We need to be satisfied and thankful. Amen.

Saturday morning coffee

Every day starts with coffee, but there is something about Saturday mornings. Did you ever stop to think God created the Coffea plant and inspired someone to use it and brew coffee. Enjoy the morning, sip coffee, and thank God for His Goodness. Amen.


We start looking forward to Fridays on Mondays. We have cute (or not so cute) names for the days in between. If our lives are that hectic, maybe we need to look forward to Sunday; our God given day of rest. Just saying. Amen.

So, what stops us?

Lies. Lies started by the evil one. Lies are sugary sweet at first, but quickly turn bitter. Again, we have to trust first and foremost in Jesus Christ! Pay close attention to how anything and everything touches your heart. At the least sense of negativity turn and run to the Lord. We remove one obstacle at a time and there is no stopping us. Amen.


"The rate something occurs." When we have a "living" relationship with our "living God" things occur more frequently that just Sunday. We will see, hear, and feel God in our lives all the time. Amen.

His eyes

Stand at the foot of the cross and stare at Jesus' eyes (and they say the eyes are the window to the soul.) What do you see? Infinite love! A love that created you and wants you to be with Him forever. We forget that all too often. But His eyes will remind us as often as we look at them. Amen.

Exaltation of the Cross

Jesus is not afraid of the cross. And neither should we be! Jesus wants to help us carry ours, just as He carried His. All we have to do is ask. Amen.

To be?

That is the question. But it is The "BIG" question. To be all that our Loving God has not only planned for us, but desires for us for all eternity. And He lets us choose. I have made my choice, and I struggle every day to keep it. Amen.


The result of our continued growth and change. We allow God to work completely through us so we can work completely for him. Here is where we are truly free. Amen.


Becoming lost to the world and all of its allurements brings about a new level of energy, excitement - intensity. We still get hungry, tired, and exper-ience pain and suffering. But it doesn't matter as we recognize it is only temporary. Dying to Jesus Christ brings about a new life. Amen.


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