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Maternal Instincts

Mothers know best. And mothers want what is best for their children. Our Heavenly Mother has shown us this time and time again by her appear-ances and messages. She wants us to have a real relationship with her Son. Amen.

Childhood trickery

When we wanted something as a child who did we go to? Mom of course. As Children of God who should we go to when we want something? Our Heavenly Mother. Some things never change. Amen.

Our Blessed Mother

In His final breaths, Jesus gave us His mother to be our Mother. Our Blessed Mother will never leave us unaided. Amen.

The Pearl II

If we are struggling to keep our eye on the prize we only need turn to our Blessed Mother. She walked a difficult walk, and truly understands. Amen.

The Pearl

From MT 13:44-52. Are we willing to give up everything now for the Kingdom of God at a time and day to be determined by Him? Amen.


We need to remember to thank God for the little things - first cup of coffee in the morning, a humorous moment shared with a friend, or a kaleidoscope of butterflies. It is all because of Him. Amen.

Never be in a hurry

Words to live by from St Francis De Sales. Why? Because God gives those who trust in Him what they need when they need it. Amen.

How much?

Is reading the Catechism from cover to cover while participating in a year long Bible study while reading a book written by Saint John Paul II while listening to a daily hour long podcast by a renown theologian to much? The best answer is pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what's best to grow closer and have a real relationship with Him. Amen.

Trying times

Can't make sense of what's going on in the world; or your role in it!? Go back to: God knows me better than I know myself, God is in control, God won't give me more than I can handle, and God is with me every step of the way. Easier said than done? Of course. Doable? Absolutely with God. Amen.

Lost it

I just read about how a celebrity "suddenly" lost their religion. Faith is a gift. If God gave it to us, He won't take it away. We can deny it or ignore it. God is unchanging. He is always there. We only have to look to Him. Amen.

Where to run?

To God! Let Him be your shield. Let Him comfort you. God will feed you and give you rest. Amen.

Be Small

Too many people want to be big - actors, athletes, politicians; and very few can handle what goes with it. Our Father wants us to be children He provides and cares for. We just need to be small and do small things for each other. Amen.

Give it up

Give up what? Worry for one thing. Live this day which God has blessed us with. There is nothing greater here than God. And give up thanks to the God who loves us beyond our under-standing. Amen.


What we are witnessing in our society is the impact of individualism (or relativism or modernism or any other ism) which contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Father's Divine Plan. Prayer to and trust in the Lord is the answer. Amen.

Politically Correct

We don't want to say anything that will offend anyone else. Jesus Christ and the early Church Fathers didn't care about offending anyone; because the stakes are to high - the death of our souls. If for example we hear a homily that upsets us, we shouldn't get mad at the priest or deacon, we should ask why. In the why there can be growth in our faith. Amen.

Wolf Pack

As a cyclist, I rode in a group - "wolf pack" as there was mutual support and motivation. As Children of God we need to do the same on our journey Home. Amen.


Some days that might be simply "Resting in God." What can really top that? Amen.


Bread from Heaven. Jesus Christ broke for us; ALL of Us. There is no alternative, substitute, or replacement. Only in and through Him is there peace (even in conflict), joy (even in despair), and live eternal (even in great bodily and mental pain and suffering.) Amen.

Refined Conversion

Conversion translated - about-face. That equals 180 degrees of direction of movement. We need to be on a narrow path to reach our God. Amen.


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