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God Moments

There is no such thing as a bad God moment. It is hard to describe in words the feelings when God is communing with us. There is a peace, an energy, a feeling of being filled that nothing on this earth can match. What a grace! God loves us and knows what we need. We just need to recognize his involvement in our lives and be thankful.

Offering up a sacrifice

Pain can be literal or figurative. Sometimes there is both. Since we don't live in the garden, life isn't perfect. Jesus told us we needed to pick up our cross and follow him. He certainly picked up His (3 times) for us. And so, we can do the same for Him and all of our sisters and brothers. We offer up all of our pain(s) to God as a sacrifice and there we will meet our Lord and Savior. Alleluia!

Conviction or Compromise

Kind of like peer pressure from our school years. Where do we stand when it comes to our faith? Are we: In this world; or, Of this world? The correct answer is simply "in" as we are passing through on our way home. Therefore there is no room for compromise when it comes to faith and our soul. And no it is not easy as there world is full of allure. Pray to and trust in Jesus Christ during the difficult times.

One Day at a Time...

"I just take it one day at a time" seems to be a common theme in many conversations. Translated, it might mean "I am trying to get by" or "I am trying to get through the day." Then what will be the comment the next day; or the day after that? Instead, a better response is: "I just take it one prayer at a time." Translated, "I offer it all up to God and trust in Him."

Hearing God

People ask, "Why are you doing that?" The reply, "God told me to." The next question, "God talks to you?" The last word in the conversation, "Yes." God talks to all of us through the Holy Spirit. He is the voice in our head that sounds like our own with a message that clearly isn't ours and if good, obviously isn't from satan. Just stop and listen to whats going on in your head and allow it to fill your heart.

The Word

Read John 1:1. When we read or hear scripture, we see or hear God's word. The Bible could be likened to a sport's play book with one major exception. We are given the rules and we know our position and moves. The difference is the Bible tells us the outcome of the game - we win. Jesus Christ defeats satan and we receive a share of the championship title forever!

Luke 12:48

"Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more." Now assess God's grace and blessings in your life - health, happiness, family, friends, education, job, having everything you need, much of what you want. Much or more? Now you know what is expected of you.

Stories of Biblical Proportion

We do not have to be Moses, Ezekiel, or Paul to find ourselves experiencing something of biblical proportion. When we make ourselves available to God, He will work through us in ways we can't even begin to imagine. Those experiences will be mind blowing and life altering.

A humble heart

Of the seven deadly sins I contend pride is the deadliest. Just look at Adam & Eve, King David or Judas Iscariot. What got them in trouble? Answer: Their ego, pride, or self-glorification. They wanted to be in total control - god-like. When we are humble, we are loving and serving. Then we are true children of God


A wonderful grace from God. It is said, "With age comes wisdom." So, as our faith life progresses do we become wiser? If our faith is strong wisdom enables us to discern what is of God and what is of satan. Simply, what is of God draws us closer to him and what is of satan draws us away from God. God's grace of wisdom helps us see and hear Him and avoid the traps of this world.

There is no coincidence...

when it comes to God. On too many occasions to count, God has graced me with answers through scripture, other readings, or conversations with someone I know or a stranger during times of difficulty. If you reflect, I am confident your will see the exact interactions. When you see it, how can you not have greater trust?

What's your treasure?

What has God blessed you with? How are you sharing your treasure(s) with your brothers and sisters? And, does the way you share glorify God or you? Never forget God has a plan for each of us and these treasures, great or small, help us fulfill God's plan .


How often do you use the word in your vocabulary? What comes to mind when you hear it? We really can't grasp the concept because there is no life experience that comes close. But if we are true in our faith, we know it is real. God loves us so much He knew us before creation and He wants us to be with him in heaven - for eternity. Think about it over a couple of cups of a hot drink some lazy morning...

Be Child-like...

not childish. Young children have an innocence. They are amazed by simple things. They trust. They are humble. As children of God, we too must have these traits. We must allow ourselves to be awed by sunrises, rainbows, and night skies full of stars. We must avoid being prideful.

Jesus is Alive!

We gaze upon the crucified figure of Jesus Christ on the cross. We celebrate His resurrection. But are we able to put together this greatest act of love in the history of mankind? Jesus died and lives for us. His heart aches when we suffer or sin. Pray to your Lord and Savior for yourself, your family and friends, and your brothers and sisters in need.

We are the Prodigal Son

Read Luke 15:11-32 and look closely, deeply, at your life. Accept the past for what it is; we can't change it. In part it has made us who and what we are. Take advantage of the present and deepen your relationship with the Father. Getting too close to God can be scary. It's alright, He is always the constant. Trust, take baby steps, and continue to move closer in all aspects of your life and faith.

Worry is Wasted Prayer

There are situations and events in our lives that create stress and anxiety. We often find ourselves worrying beforehand. How many times has worry been the solution? Right - never... The answer is pray to God, give it up to Him, and trust Him. No matter the outcome, worry was not apart of it.

Do Not Fear

What is the worst thing that can happen in our lives? Death. If we truly believe and trust God, then our death means the end to this life and the beginning of our life eternal with God. So what is the worst thing that can happen in our lives? As children of God - Nothing! Be happy and rejoice in the Lord. Alleluia!

Healing the Sick

There are countless scripture stories of the sick being healed. We don't have to be a biblical figure to heal. We have the power everyday to lend an ear, share a kind word, or just smile and make a difference in the life of a family member, friend, or even a stranger. A simple act of kindness can be a life altering event.

Love Your Enemy(s)

Most days it is easy to love our families and friends. But the motorist who cuts us off or the shopper who cuts in front of us. Some days it is the last straw and we can feel the negative emotion just welling up in us. Stop for just a moment and ask yourself what might be going on in their life. Then say a prayer for them and anyone who might cross their path that all may return home safely to their families and friends.


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