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Role models

We learn a great deal through what we see. Jesus modeled what love looks like. It is never about us; it is about God and neighbor. We in turn model it for our children. Alleluia.

Accepting ourselves

We live in a world where "image is everything." Jesus accepts us as we are and we should too. This eliminates a lot of stress and anxiety; and allows us to focus on what is really important. Alleluia.

Inner peace

Saints Francis de Sales and Teresa of Avila taught about not letting the world disturb us. Jesus gives us an inner peace that does just that. Alleluia.


While not always easier, our real friendship with Jesus makes our lives simpler. We are able to deal with the things of this world because He teaches and models everything we need to know and do. Alleluia.


Jesus will forgive us as many times as we ask. He will never hold our failings and short-comings over us. Alleluia.


Jesus loves us so much He will leave all of God's children to come after us. Alleluia.

He knows us...

...better than we know ourselves. We can't tell Jesus anything He hasn't already seen or heard. He's not going to get mad, upset, or say, "Fine, I'm not your friend anymore." Jesus is with us till the end of this journey. Alleluia.

Overuse of the word

We identify lots of people in our lives as "friends." But in the truest sense a real friend is someone with very similar moral values, that we can talk to about personal problems and issues and trust their confidence; and offers sound advice.

Delving deeper

Friendship. We're called to a total self-giving, loving, friendship with Jesus Christ. What does that actually look like? We can start with our friendships past and present. What do those look like? Do they mirror what was mentioned above? Why or why not? More tomorrow...

New Life

Saint Paul wrote, "I live, not I, but Christ lives in me." What amazing grace. Its our choice: Live life day to day on our own; or day to day with Jesus Christ. I try to live the latter. Alleluia.

Mid life

We hear the term and associate it with aging, but it applies to many things. Like relationships. We meet a friend or our spouse and the relationship goes through stages; it matures. In this second week of Easter we can continue to mature and enter into a deeper, real, friendship with our risen Lord. Walk with Him and talk with Him today, here and now. Alleluia.

Divine Mercy Sunday

Saint Faustina wrote in her diary, Jesus told her “On the day of My feast, the Feast of Mercy, you will go through the whole world and bring fainting souls to the spring of My mercy. I shall heal and strengthen them.”

All of the heart

A humble and contrite heart. A heart that is available to the Lord, because the Lord is on the throne. A heart that hears the Lord, walks with the Lord, and serves the Lord. A heart filled with love and mercy. Alleluia.

Completing the circle

Everything comes from God and returns to God. In our small ways we play a role in God's plan. Love is the connector. Alleluia.

Jesus wants it all

I saw in the news there is an increase in loneliness and anxiety in our society. Jesus wants that and everything else we have to offer up. He is our Best Friend! He listens, He Loves, and He consoles. Alleluia.

In the smallest details

Jesus is the friend who involves Himself in all aspects of our life when we allow Him that intimacy. Alleluia.

A New Way

Once you walk the straight and level, you won't want to go back. Walk with the Lord in Faith, Hope, and Love. Alleluia.

A New Day

Today is a new day. Our potential is unlimited if we walk with the living Jesus Christ. Alleluia.

The Lord's Day

Alleluia. Christ is Risen! Alleluia. Let us celebrate Jesus' Resurrection not just today, but everyday. Alleluia!

Easter Vigil

Jesus Christ opens the Gates of Heaven. He goes to the Netherworld and releases all who awaited His coming. Amen.


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