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Jesse tree

Looking for a non-commercial way to add meaning to your Advent? Try a Jesse tree. Today is Day 3 of Week 1, Abraham and the Covenant. Use your search engine to find the details, and deepen the meaning of this season in your heart and the hearts of your family. God Bless!

From the heart

Jesus Christ feels our joy and sorrow. He felt those emotions and many more as a human. He feels them still in His divinity. Jesus is always there waiting to share whatever we feel at any moment in our life. He gladly accepts whatever we offer up. All we need to do is pray.

God's House

Going to church should feel like going to grandma's house as a child. There should be excitement going there; "Are we there yet?" And after mass; "Its time to go already?" or "I don't want to go!" should be the first thought. God's house is a sanctuary where we can temporarily forget about the world, where He feeds us, and where with our brothers and sisters we love Him with song and prayer. Come early, stay late...


Today begins a season of reflection on the reason and reality - Jesus Christ; The Word with God, the Word that was God - who became one of us, to save us.


Jesus Christ is the vine and we are the branches. We are called to produce much fruit. While this may sound like an individual mission, I propose like many trees, bushes, and vines we also provide support to other branches so collectively; we will produce much fruit. Amen

Learn - Grow - Live

Day to day during this adventure we experience this cycle. Some days are easier than others; those others we usually try and forget. The reality is we need to remember the others. The Son of Man fell multiple times on his way to the cross and our salvation. And so must we. We must Learn from our mistakes, Grow in the strength and wisdom our Father blesses us with, and Live to serve our Lord and Savior. God Bless!

Be Thankful

Today is a special time to take a moment to reflect on what is good - family, friends, a job, a place to live, food to eat, your health; or by the grace of God you are. It is easy to see all that is wrong. The challenge is to be thankful for the seemingly little things, and praise God.

In Control

Jesus Christ being human and divine was in control of every aspect of his passion. With His resurrection He conquered death and is in control of everything in heaven and on earth. We must never loose sight of that in our day-to-day lives when we loose control. We are His, He will not loose us, He is in control. Amen

The Holy Spirit II

When we are baptized we receive the Holy Spirit; not a tablespoon or a cup, but the HOLY SPIRIT. God gives Himself to each and everyone of us equally. Are you getting a picture of how GREAT God is and how much He LOVES us? Let us say THANK YOU and ALLELUIA!

Understanding God...

well maybe just a little bit. In the gospels Jesus Christ, the Word become flesh, provides us with straight forward insights to the Father through his teachings and miracles. His word is truth and we just need to stop second guessing or changing the meaning to meet our own desires. Knowing God allows us to know ourselves and with that we will better understand our purpose.


In the history of the human race there have been many Caesars. Where are they now? Jesus Christ died, rose, and lives at the right hand of the Father now and forever for us. Praise be to Jesus Christ!

The "Real" Questions

Who are we - really? Where do we come from - really? Where are we going - really? And what is truly important - really? There is a "Real" peace and joy when you know the true answers. Really!

Truest beauty

While created in the image of God, our external appearance is the least of our human being. Our true beauty is internal and can only be seen by others when we freely share ourselves without any pretense.

Strongest when weak

As Jesus Christ hung on the cross dying for our sins he was in total control and one with the Father. His apparent weakness was the greatest strength because of His love for us and our Father. We too are our strongest when we surrender and let God take control.


is unceasing, unpredictable, and frequently stressful. God is constant and remains true because He loves us. We can deal better with change when we offer it up to Jesus Christ.

Bad turned to good

God is very much alive and active in this world. He loves us beyound our understanding. We just need to give credit where credit is due. Thank you God! In my weak and sinful way I am loving You too.

Player or Spectator?

Which describes your faith life? As Jesus Christ's disciples we need to be on the field; not in the stands!


instinctually soothes our inner being. God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by brimstone and fire. Passion is a fire that burns within. We must be on fire for our God. Burn brightly and melt hearts as God's children.

The Common Good

Individually we should strive to do little good things (like Saint Therese of Lisieux) that contribute to the overall good. Think what the world be like if we worked together rather than individually. The reality is we can in our small piece of the world with our family, friends, and co-workers. Jesus called us to love our neighbors as ourselves.


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