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Pray for intentions

As 2016 quickly comes to an end take a few minutes and offer up prayers for all souls in purgatory, persecuted Christians, family or friends suffering from an illness, victims of a natural disaster, or a personal intention. God wants us to ask Him for things. Your prayer can be the start of a miracle!

New year's resolution

Got one for 2017? What happened with 2016's? What is your success rate? Try a new approach. Pray to God and ask Him what He wants you to do differently; and then ask Him to help you everyday...


The perfect post Christmas or pre New Year gift for yourself, a family member, friend, co-worker, or whoever. Talk to God, reflect, and talk to the other person(s). Free yourself of an unnecessary burden. Amen


Where is your pendulum? Typically, the swing is seemingly to the extremes and not centered. As we continue to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth and prepare for a new year, there is no better time to "tweak" the balance in our relationship with God. Take a little time to pray and reflect.

+ 1

24 hours - 1 day after Christmas Day. And for God, 1 day is like a thousand years. God is most gracious. He gives us so much time to become who He planned for us to be and to do what He planned. God willing, tomorrow will be +2... Alleluia!

Blessed Christmas

This special day can delight all of our senses - the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels. Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on those senses to bring back memories of past Christmas' and then how truly blessed those things make the present Christmas. God gave Himself to us this day through Jesus Christ, but He also gives to us each and every day of our journey. Praise be to God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen

Son rise

Children will jump from their beds early tomorrow to see what the man in the red suit brought them. We should be like minded as we receive God's most precious gift of love with the same wonderment and keep it in our hearts as Mary did. Merry Christmas and God Bless!


During adoration the little voice said, "Be little, think little, and do little." Jesus Christ came into this world as a little baby. Jesus told us faith the size of a little mustard seed can move mountains. We just need to be little together. Amen

GOoD stuff

Our world is seemingly full of bad stuff. If we are not careful to look beyond it, it becomes quick sand. I took a little time this morning and found the GOoD stuff and filled my heart to get a few more miles down the path of life. You can too! Look for people sharing their God given talents with others through a word or a gesture. The GOoD will erase the shadows of the bad. God Bless you all this day...

A grain of sand

In God's creation we can be likened to a grain of sand. When we allow God to use us, the results will be unbelievable.

Knowing Jesus

Do you know Jesus? I like to think I do, but sometimes I'm not sure. In those too frequent times I have to stop and just "trust and pray." The Holy Spirit reveals things in His time, not mine. In those moments there is a renewed hope and a sense of peace which deepens my trust. God is good!

Be Our Selves

God has blessed us with everything we need to fulfill the plan He has for us. We just need to be who God intended us to be. Alleluia.


We have the innate ability to place unrealistic expectations on events. As Christmas quickly approaches, we must remember Jesus's birth was out of an act of love by God. If we focus on sharing God's love and our own with family and friends there is nothing that can add to our annual Christmas celebration. Amen.

Climbing God's Mountain

Every day of our journey on earth we are climbing God's mountain. At times the climb is easy and others when the climb is treacherous. We must keep our eyes on the top and our footing sure. We must also be prepared to help others along the way. Together, we never give up until we reach the top at the end of our journey.


With God, it is never too late to say, "Yes." Advent is the time for us to realize God knows exactly where we are at. With the birth of Jesus Christ, God makes it possible for us to be where God wants us. Just say, "Yes, Father."

Our orbit

God is constant. It is us who move closer and farther away - an elliptical orbit. The key is to recognize those things causing us to move farther away at times and to reduce or eliminate their affect. In doing so we reduce the orbit, drawing our selves closer to God. We can continue to do this over our lifetime creating an almost circular orbit.

Who sits...

on the throne of your heart? As we quickly approach the end of Advent and prepare for Christmas, where is your focus? Very simply there lies the answer to the question.

Be a mirror

Look at the two children's faces as they stand at the foot of the manger. What do you see? - wonder, awe, realization, amazement, enlightenment. As disciples of Christ we are called to do the same, to be a reflection of Jesus to those we interact with on a daily basis. God blesses us all through the sharing.

The Body of Christ

When we eat a sandwich the bread becomes us. When we eat the bread during the celebration of the Eucharist we become Jesus Christ.

Always turn to God

No matter how small or great our troubles, we should always turn to God immediately and ask for His help. As Isaiah 45:2 says, "I will go before you and make the rough places smooth." We simply need to trust in our Heavenly Father. Amen.


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