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Not a popular topic of discussion. As a lingering inevitability it can be a great test of faith. And so the question becomes, "Do we believe (trust) that Jesus Christ's resurrection has conquered death so we will live eternally in heaven with God?! If our answer is "yes" then our deaths are a rebirth and an event to be celebrated. Amen.


Be aware in the moment as God may be trying to share with you through nature or words from a friend. Amen.

Spiritual Clutter

Periodically like everything else in our lives, we need to take the necessary time to clean out the clutter. The effort will allow us to hear God more clearly and remove barriers which are also interfering with our spiritual growth. Amen.

Leave no trace

As children of God and servants to our brothers and sisters, we need to be mindful of the physical and mental traces we leave behind.

More than just words

Scripture is God's word. If we read it and honestly think about it, our minds will be opened and our hearts drawn closer to God. Our focus will go beyond the smoke and mirrors of this world and we will find purpose and fulfillment. Amen.


A single thread is fragile. But interwoven threads are extremely strong. And we individually are like a single thread. Who we are interwoven with (family, true friends, and church) and Jesus Christ determines our resilience. Amen.


Not knowing where we are can stir a lot of emotions. But being lost in God is a place where we don't want to be found. Amen.

Divine Mercy

Today is the day for loving forgiveness. We share in an opportunity to receive endless mercy from the God whose love for us is beyond our words; and to be merciful towards our family, friends, co-workers, classmates, or acquaintances. Mercy heals and makes relationships new. Alleluia.


Unfortunately we live in a society today where people believe their opinion on whatever matter is the truth. The reality is there is only one truth, in existence since the beginning of time, GOD. People need to stop playing God and let God be Himself. The world would be a much better place. Actually the word is perfect. Amen.


Like an old radio we sometimes need to move to reduce the interference and improve reception of God's word. We just need to be attuned and attentive as God is always talking to us. Amen.

Leaps and Bounds

Are not two words typically used to describe one's faith growth. More appropriate would be slow and subtle. God gives us what he knows we need and can handle. Good things are worth waiting for. Amen.

The Shepherd's Voice

Jesus constantly calls out to the flock his Father gave Him by various means. Have you heard his voice and answered? He is patiently waiting. Amen.

The secret ingredient

has always been: Love. Love is at the core of the Holy Trinity. Love is why God created. Love is why Jesus Christ came to earth as man and was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead. Love is our calling; God and neighbor. A high school law studies student asked me what the most important law is. I replied, "Love your neighbor." Where would the world be if everybody obeyed that law? Amen.


In our faith lives we give fruit and we receive fruit. If we ever stopped and weighed, we would realize God blesses us with much more than we give. Alleluia.

A Joyful Easter

Today is a day of the greatest celebration we can experience in this life. Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead brings about God's forgiveness of sins and offers us eternal life. "Let us rejoice and be glad." Alleluia!

No such thing as luck

Luck has nothing to do with good things happening to us. The good things are blessings from God. Amen.

Careful, the stove's hot

A common warning from a parent when their child comes close to the stove because of love and concern for their well-being. God does the exact same thing in the scriptures.


This morning I remembered I didn't post yesterday. As I reviewed the past several day's posts I saw the word "remember" used repeatedly. It's so easy to forget the intricacies of our relationship with God. We can't hear how God loves us too many times; or we can't say the "Our Father" too many times. This world numbs and dumbs us down so quickly. We must remember by actively and constantly living our faith God has blessed us with. Amen.

Going through the motions

There are situations in our lives where our hearts or minds are simply not in it and we go through the motions. Our faith life cannot be one of those situations. Faith can be a vicious cycle with highs and lows. What one must not forget is God is always constant; never changing. Remembering that will help reduce the potential of going through the motions. Amen.

True Communion

As the body of the church we are called to be in communion with the Head, Jesus Christ, and the rest of the body, our brothers and sisters. When we are one, then we are truly in communion. Amen.


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