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Great and Small

As I continue on my faith journey, I come to a deeper realization of just exactly how small I am. I am small in comparison to all of God's creation, my knowledge of God is small, and my actions to love and serve God are small. If you are not there too then it may sound depressing. In all reality I find great joy and peace in my smallness, because God can bring me to the level of greatness He desires for me. The same is true for you. Alleluia.

Wind music

When we slow down God will make His presence known. Yesterday, God played His music to which the trees, flowers, and grass danced to. Serenity in a hectic world - always there, just requires us to find it in the moment. Amen.

Blessed are:

all of us who try to be loving and obedient children of God. God gave all of us to Jesus who has no intention of losing one of us. Never lose hope! Alleluia.

No man is...

an island. Isolating ourselves from further hurt can do more damage than good. Left to our own thoughts we may not follow the right little voice. We must rely on God and those He has put close to us to properly resolve life's issues. Amen.


A necessary part of a healthy faith life. We have to ask questions and re-think the most important aspect of life. After all our faith is based largely on the invisible through God's graces and the Sacraments. In time the doubt will return and we will go through the process again -- and again. Through trust our faith will grow stronger. Amen.


Today we celebrate the Ascension, Jesus' return to the Father in Heaven. Through this, God's children are guaranteed their / our place in Heaven as well. Alleluia!

Between the lines

Take notice of and reflect on the words in the prayers and songs we recite individually and collectively. We may find a deeper meaning speaking directly to us. Amen.

Where are you???

We may not be where we want to be. But we are where God wants us! God has the plan and a purpose for each and every one of us. We have to trust and make ourselves available (which is the hard part.) With God, everything is possible. Amen.

Own worst enemy

We are! We overthink, hold onto baggage, don't bury the hatchet. God doesn't; He just loves us. Let God love you. We're human - we make and repeatedly make mistakes. Ask for His forgiveness, try not to make the same on again, and move on in life. Amen. Alleluia!


The easiest way to find peace is to find Jesus Christ. Take a little time to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of this world; and focus on Jesus. Just talk to Him and share whatever is on your heart. In that brief moment you will find peace. Amen.


Not plural - singular. Our "relationship" with God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and our brothers and sisters (all of mankind) is familial. This relationship is communal based on love. Amen.


On the times we fall short on the daily challenges, God offers us comfort. Often this is by someone else meeting their challenge or peace through scripture or nature. We just need to be in the moment. Amen.


God lovingly and mercifully challenges us every day. As weak human beings we sometimes meet and sometimes fall short of those challenges. If God gives us another day, we try our best again. Alleluia.

Making sense...

of it all!? For the longest time I tried to understand the world. I always ended up with more questions than answers. Now I fight everyday to keep my focus on God. The more I do, the less concerned I am with many of the things around me. Amen.


As one's faith life deepens, the Holy Spirit's guidance becomes short and simple.

Freshly cut grass...

and sunshine. I close my eyes, inhale, and feel the warmth on my face; and I get the tiniest sense of heaven. Add morning dew and a gentle breeze. God is amazing. Amen.

Bitter sweet

Poor choices often lead to a bitterness; which by God's graces often lead to a sweeter ending. The answer is to trust in God from the start. Amen.

Less is more

The less we focus on this worldly home, the more we can focus on our heavenly home. Amen.


God is in every snowflake, hibernating bud, droplet in the fog and EVERYTHING else He created. "Let those with eyes see." Amen.


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