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In the beginning...

...God created the heavens and the earth. As humans we get wrapped up in wanting to know the hows. As God's children we simply need to believe, but be wowed by the fact He included us in His creation. Amen.


We can look at our bodies and see the scars that come with life. And so with our souls; except we can't see the scars from sin. Our God is loving and merciful. He can heal our soul's scars now through Reconciliation and our bodies at the Resurrection. Alleluia.


Just like the cartoon character who after umpteenth times realizes they have been going in circles because they finally recognize the same landmark - is us and our sins. When we pay attention we can recognize those landmarks; and simply pray and turn away. Amen.

Not meant to be easy

As a child I was taught to work hard as what one earn means the most. The same is true for our faith lives and being sons and daughters of our loving God. As St Paul tells us, "We must run the race with perseverance." God's Blessings to each of you! Amen.


Much of today's world (politics, entertainment, advertising) has subliminal elements which can plant poisonous seeds that can mislead us. The Holy Spirit is our greatest ally in staying on the right path. Amen.

From within

Our ability to be the light of Christ or see the light of Christ emitting from others comes from within. Amen.

Problems with no solutions

While doing research on one of society's current growing problems I found ample data. The other aspect of the problem is no solution. In reflection I realized Jesus gave us solutions to many of our past and present problems 2,000 years ago. Praise be to God who loves us!


When we truly make ourselves available to God and His plan, there is no such thing. Alleluia.

Real life...

is not scripted or choreographed. We make real life choices in real time. And God is always really there to help. We just have to ask Him. Amen.


Through my faith I believe without knowing. Through my belief I know (trust) God is there, He loves me, and He will take care of me. Amen .

Fatherly Wisdom

When we are young we do not always appreciate fatherly advise. As we grow older and experience life we come to see their wisdom. The same is true for our Heavenly Father. Amen.

Mud puddles

Mud puddles are like sin. More often than not we see them for what they are, but we jump in with both feet anyway. At some point we hopefully learn to avoid the puddles and keep our eet feet dry. The same is true with sin and we stay in communion with God. Amen.

Stuck in the mud

When one steps in mud with both feet, the urge is to yank our feet out which only causes to mud to hold on more. The trick is to slowly ease our feet out of the mud. Our life's can be like mud and God, is the ease. He only want us to be loved and love in return as love will actually take care of the other problems.

Clear as mud

Reading scripture has been the downfall of many's faith. Metaphors and hyperbole increase the difficulty in our understanding. I am currently reading and suggest Trent Horn's "HARD SAYINGS A Catholic Approach to Answering Bible Difficulties." "

More time

I find when I spend my time with God (Prayer, Scripture, reading) I have more time. He always gives more than he receives. Alleluia .

Says who?

Peer pressure affects everyone to some degree. Why? Because we are always looking for only what God can give us. Says who? God and you; and no other. Alleluia!

In all the wrong places

An increasingly common topic of discussion; "Where does one find happiness?" Typically in all the wrong places where happiness is only temporary and false gods are created along the journey. Only God can bring true happiness! Seek Him as He is waiting for you. Amen.

A Triune God

A difficult mystery to explain or understand. Somewhat easier through our faith as we can see and hear the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through creation, scripture, and our servient acts for others. Alleluia!

Few words

On my journey I have found the Holy Spirit is brief and concise. One has to pay close attention. One grace is He often repeats himself. If He speaks the first time in written word, He often follows up through a word from a friend or family member.


Use the gifts (talents) God gave you to the best of your ability to benefit others .


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