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Handpicked by God just for us. Amen.

Beyond imagination

We are like grains of sand on a beach when compared to all of God's creation, both visible and invisible. What we see is a hint of God's power and glory. And so we can only try to imagine what awaits us. Alleluia.

Unceasing Prayer

We never stop praying. We must never lose sight that God is there even when we think our prayers are not being heard or are not being answered. Have faith and remain strong. Amen.

Above average

7 days in a week. Some will be good, some will be bad; but Jesus Christ will be there with you through all of it. Amen.

All or Nothing

The Gospels clearly tell us God is the sure thing! Our faith is not a go for broke, but go for all the riches (of Heaven and life everlasting.) Amen.


There's a saying; "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." Faith life is a life of active participation as God calls us to fulfill His plan. We will be judged in part by our deeds in this life. Amen.

Altering our past

The relationship we have today with Jesus Christ alters our past. Alleluia!


In my profession I often see people trying to cope with life's situations through alcohol, drugs, or worse. In those instances matters are only made worse. Faith can be extremely powerful and healing. Surrendering the thought of being in total control can make an amazing difference. Cope with God. Amen.

Prayer Warriors

I have witnessed the healing power of prayer first hand. When we pray together for a common good God listens and often answers. Persevere! Amen.

Rhyme to reason

Very little in this world makes sense anymore. It is seemingly easy to get lost. Faith is easy to always carry and share. Strive to calm the waves and not make them, by staying true to God and self. Amen.

Want it all

Want with all your heart what God wants for you. Love and Life Eternal. God is waiting to give it to you. Alleluia.

How deep do we trust?

The depth of our trust in Jesus Christ is the same as eternal life in Heaven with God. We hold nothing back just as Jesus held nothing back on the cross! Alleluia.

At that moment...

when you are sitting or standing there and don't know what to do: Pray. Cry out; "GOD HERE I AM!", "GOD WHERE ARE YOU?", "GOD I NEED YOU!". Then, trust with all your heart. Amen!

When the soul prays

They say tears are prayers from the soul. Maybe it stems from a Bible scripture, gospel song, or words from a friend. Don't try and stop it, and never be ashamed. Afterwards ask God what He put on your heart and why. Alleluia. .


We live in a world where promises are made and then are broken. The result is distrust. God too makes promises to us; but they are never broken. We too can be what God calls us to be; in part by making good on our promises. Amen.

Grounded & Rounded

To be true to God, our families, and ourselves, we must be well grounded and rounded. We do this through a consistent regiment of the Sacraments, Mass, prayer, and Bible study. Amen.


The world's definition of normal is constantly changing. God's normal is constant; has never changed and never will. Amen.


In our faith cycle we typically find ourselves at a point I liken to a small boat adrift. As the cycle repeats I have come to understand Jesus Christ is still with me. I trust in Him by remembering the scripture where he calmed the waves and wind, saving the Apostles from destruction. Alleluia.

Don't forget where you come from

Our families, childhood, and growing up set us on a course to where we are; in part. Remembering our origins can humble us and remind us of important things lost along life's journey. God gave us all of that for a reason. Amen.

Love Does No Evil

St Paul tells us today in Romans, "Owe nothing to anyone, except to love one another;..." Our God is Love. Amen.


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