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In the smallness

When we can retreat from all of the bigness of this world we will find the Lord waiting in the smallness, long lost forgotten. Amen.


When we aren't careful as a parish we can lose our identity in part through fragmentation. Smaller groups and activities working toward the same mission independently. We unintentionally lose sight of the cornerstone that fuses us into one church. We follow Jesus Christ who makes us strong. Amen.

"Just another day."

A common reply to a greeting of; "How are you?" or "What's new?" In the truest sense, that reply is the farthest from the truth. With God, nothing is common or happenstance. That encounter was planned before time as we know it to fulfill God's plan. Amen.

Scratching the surface

Faith is not on the surface of our being, but at the very core of our soul. We must allow all that God gives us to penetrate all the layers to heal and feed us and change us to be what we are truly called to be. Amen.

The grain continued

Our grain is the thickness or thinness of our skin, or the hardness or softness of our heart. As children of God, we collectively make great things, or on our own not so much. God loves us so much He allows us to make that choice. Amen.

The grain

Ever look at the woodgrain of the pew in front of you? The color, width, density tell a story. What story does your grain tell? Something to contemplate.

The Key

To solve a puzzle one must find the key. The same is true with the Gospels. And the key to them is Love. Jesus' teachings are all motivated by His love for us and the Father. Amen.


God graces each of us with talents. We are called to use those talents to the best of our ability to glorify Him while serving others. Alleluia.

Upon further reflection

The "quick to listen and slow to speak" from James 1: 19 plays a significant role when praying to God. We often talk to much instead of just saying "Here I am" and then remaining quiet. I am finding God likes to talk too. Amen.

Give to...

...and to God the things that are God's. The "what" is you and me. Jesus wants us! Not for an hour on Sunday. But 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; for as long as He blesses us with life. And, God wants us as we are... Amen.


God blesses us with each waking morning to a NEW day. Each day includes reminders that will draw us closer to Him than the day before when we allow ourselves to see or hear them. Alleluia.

Driven or Drawn?

Humans are driven to achieve success and material items in this world. The Holy Spirit gently draws us closer when we make ourselves available. In this relationship we receive fruits that exceed anything earth has to offer. Amen.

Want toos

Spoiler alert! Life on earth is not about doing what we want. It is about what God wants us to do. In that comes a peace and joy leading to eternal life in Heaven with God. Amen.

James 1:19-20

Know this, my beloved brethren. Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for the anger of man does not work with the righteousness of God. Amen.

In a blink

In our weakness, we can lose sight of God in a...... blink of the eye. If we understand that about ourselves, then we can blink again and regain our sight. God is right there to help us if we only let Him. Amen.

Hearing the Holy Spirit

When God talks to us the gentle voice will sound like our own and the message brief. When discerning the origin of the message, evaluate the goodness. God is always true and pure. Amen.

Fed, yet hungry

I rarely miss a meal, but I still hunger. I now know that void within can only be filled by God. So I snack frequently through Prayer, Scripture, and Daily Masses. Amen.

Can you feel it?

Read your favorite Gospel passage. Close your eyes and try to see it; be there in that moment with Jesus. Now listen to his voice; not the words, but the tone, volume, strength. Let it fill and echo in your heart - feel it; feel His love, His sadness, His passion. Let Jesus Christ consume you!

Just human

Average life span of 85ish years. Don't take yourself too seriously as you will fall short of your own expectations! Instead, laugh at yourself and take God seriously. He will always exceed your expectations. Amen.


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