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Neither the Church or us are machines. While both may seemingly be imperfect in their humanness, God our creator sees otherwise. Through love we can be much more accepting or tolerant. Amen.

Retracing steps

When we find ourselves on the wrong path, we only need to turn around towards God. He patiently waits for us. Amen.

Not our own

In life and in death we belong to Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God. Amen.


One element of a richer faith life. If the only quiet time to be had is the 5 minutes in the shower each morning, then take advantage and pray to God. God only wants to hear from us. Alleluia.

The Kingdom

Jesus Christ said the Kingdom of God is coming, and in fact is now here. We must trust God in His Kingdom here and now. Amen.

Saint Paul

Jesus Christ called Saul, who persecuted (killed and imprisoned) His followers, to be a great evangelist and writer of the New Testament. Paul died unto himself and we are called to do the same. Alleluia.


When we gather for mass it shouldn't be based on the "fulfilling a weekly obligation." But on the desire to be in communion with our brothers and sisters, forming the Body of Christ, to give praise and Glory to the Father. And in turn, loved and nourished until we can gather again. Amen.


God created each and everyone of us to be different. We glorify Him in our unity and multiplicity. Alleluia.


We prepare for many things. When we wake in the morning the thought of our untimely death may cross our minds; but how about the thought: Today could be the day, Jesus Christ returns. Are we prepared for that?


Jesus Christ calls each and everyone of us. Part of our mission is to helps others hear and understand their calling too. Amen.

This race

It is okay to walk at a leisurely pace. Alleluia.

In the quiet...

...the Holy Spirit speaks softly to us with few words. Listen. Amen.


With every Gospel reading and Eucharist, we change when we allow God deeper into our hearts. Amen.

Be studious

For Jesus Christ to know us, we must know Him. We must learn, to know, to recognize, to love Him. We can feed our faith through continued study. Amen.

Going through the motions

One's faith life can become very routine resulting in the true purpose or meaning to be weakened. Occasional reflections on the various elements can help prevent it. The Catechism is a great resource. Amen.

Don't forget yourself

When praying, it is easy to think of family, friends, or special intentions. But don't forget to ask God for what you think you need or want. Amen.

Our paths

ALL of our paths in life lead to God if we simply follow His directions. Amen!

New Year's Resolutions

January is almost half over and there are many good resolutions that have already been forgotten or given up on. God is not a broken resolution. He loves us and accepts us back any time. Alleluia.

Tell the world

In today's Gospel (Mark 1: 40-45), Jesus cures a leper who apparently tells everyone even after being told not to. We should do the same thing! Amen.


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