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Branches on a vine

Branches (us) become inter-woven on the vine (Jesus). In that weave, branches support each other and the fruit. We need to be more supportive of each other to maintain that strong connection with Jesus. Alleliua.

Friend's Names

The name we use for a friend describes the closeness of the relationship. If one feels truly close with their Savior, then they would use Jesus. If one feels distant, then they might use God. Alleluia.

To hear or listen

Many of us regularly hear various sounds. We need to be more attuned to listen for God talking to us in the many ways He does. Alleluia.

Our Faith

Is a gift. Through our faith we seek to know and do God's will. We must remember James 2: 26; "faith apart from works is dead." Alleluia.


Leads us to our eternal destination with our Heavenly Father. It also sustains us during times of pain and suffering. With hope we can stay strong with purpose. Alleluia.


The new buzz word to explain all that is wrong with the world? Godless - more direct and truthful! We yearn for "something" only God can give us to complete us. Alleluia.


The topic of discussion with parish youth last night. Very much a reality of earthly life with many people succumbing to a potentially unhealthy emotion. God and family are the cure. Alleluia.


St. Paul tells us very simply that without charity we are nothing. Charity is the greatest of the theological virtues. Jesus made charity the new commandment and modeled it for us in His Passion. Alleluia.

Fulfilling obligations

Being part of a family brings with it certain responsibilities. We share in all aspects; good and bad. And sometimes we need a reminder of our obligations. We must also remember Jesus Christ is there to share in and lighten burdens. Alleluia.

In the Bank

We live today for The tomorrow. Our inheritance is awaiting us. Alleluia.


Our direction in this life should only be one way - straight ahead to God and home. When we make wrong turns, we can always stop, back up, and get back on the correct road. Alleluia.

Want or Need?

Both! We want to need God. And we need to want God. Neither, is what we struggle through in this secular world every day. Alleluia.

True strength

How strong are you? I don't mean of muscle - I mean of spirit. And that strength only comes from and through Jesus Christ. Alleluia.

When we fall

It doesn't mean it's over. Jesus Christ fell 3 times, got up, and continued his journey. He calls us and is there for us to do the same. Alleluia.


Take some time and reflect on events in your life. You will see most, if not all, are connected in some way. The Holy Spirit guides. Alleluia.


Friday the 13th - just another day of the week! Trust in God always with all matters BIG and small. Worry is wasted prayer. Alleluia.

No time like the present

Today, at this very moment, we can make a difference. We can start by recognizing God's presence in our life here and now. Alleluia.

Are we there yet?

Life's journey can be likened to a cross-country family vacation; where the children constantly ask, "Are we there yet?" As God's children we should ask, " What do you want us to see, hear, or do?" We will get to our destination. Alleluia.


We must be careful not to get too comfortable in our perceived relationship with Jesus. There are countless things we will not know or understand until we meet Him face to face. Alleluia.


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