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Holy Trinity

God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A relationship of love. Our relationships are trinitarian as well - Husband, Wife, and Jesus; Mother, Father and Child. Love is the life-lasting bond. Amen.

The minimum

How does society look upon the minimum. Going to a weekend Mass is an example of a minimum. How you do think God looks upon that?

No "I"

We live in an "I"ndividualist world. We are intended to live in a familial world. Amen.


Probably the greatest of the Seven Deadly Sins. Jesus told us - the last will be first, to take the lowest place, and don't judge. We are called to be humble servants. Amen.

Change the World... person at a time. Ev(angel)ize every day through word and deed. Amen.


How we each contribute to our church. Amen

Never the same twice

When we immerse ourselves in God's Word, He speaks to us. When we read a familiar scripture passage like it is the first time, God will provide what we need at that moment. Amen


Happy Birthday to the Church and to each of us! Amen. visit and read the Catechism starting at 731


Everything we do during the Mass goes back thousands of years. To take the time to learn the meaning and purpose will deepen one's faith and love for the Church. Amen.


We follow a Lord who walks beside us and with us always. Trust! Alleluia.

The Straight Road

Jesus Christ is the straight road to the Father. Through the Holy Spirit He offers us a love that can keep us on the right road. Alleluia.


No such thing! Jesus is the way, truth, and life. Alleluia.

Promises & Prayers

In the past several days we have read in the Gospels where Jesus promises to be with us till the end of time and prays for those that the Father gave Him. Alleluia.


Every time we read scripture, we should read it as if it is the first time. Why? Because God may desire to place something different on your heart than before. Alleluia.

In our weaknesses

Jesus Christ works through us to serve the Father. St Paul said, "For when I am weak, then I am strong." Alleluia.

The Paraclete

The Holy Spirit - the love of the Father and Son fills us. He is a person of the Triune God and will work with and through us, if we make ourselves available. Alleluia.


Jesus Christ is the corner-stone. Only He joins us to God. Alleluia.

Got it? not the same as getting it. What we think we've got can easily be lost. Same as faith - while a grace from God; it is not permanent. To keep it we must work at it -- everyday of our life. Amen.

What's on your heart?

How was your day? Emotionally, were you happy, sad, disappointed, frustrated, or ? No matter, we need to offer it up to Jesus and ask him to place it on His heart? Jesus wants to share everything with us. Remember, He was here and He knows what life is like. Alleluia.

Original sin

Humans trying to be God. And it continues today. AND Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to heal us. Alleluia.


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