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Praying for others... a simple act of love. Let us continue to pray for others; especially those who are not close to us. Amen.


Many of us know how seconds can make all the difference in the outcome of a situation. Apply that to prayer. God is always listening. Amen.


There will be those instances when a scripture verse or theological thought will excite the senses like never before. Those are the ones you want to take into your heart like Mary. Amen.


When we leave Mass early we miss the dessert - the Final Blessing and the send off "Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord" as we go back out into the world. Amen.

Stay or Visit

How do we spend our time with Jesus? Do we stay with or just occasionally visit?


We belong to God. He is always as close to us as the air we exhale into our hands that touches our face. Amen.

I live...

...not I, but Christ lives in me. We may recognize our self in the mirror, but our thoughts deeds, and words may seem foreign to us.


Black Friday; a shopper's dream. Or is it? Many will buy stuff to bring temporary happiness. Only Jesus Christ will fulfill us. He has paid the price for us, and there are no lines or waiting. Alleluia.

Give thanks day

While today is a special day to give thanks, we should give thanks every day for God's blessings of life, love, and what we do have. Amen.

Flowing over

God's loving grace always gives us more than we give. Amen.

True freedom

Doesn't mean doing what we want when we want. It means we owe no one (especially, the evil one) as we have given our self completely to God. Amen!

The difference

I can attest there is a great difference in my life when I walk with Jesus to when I didn't. Amen.


There are many things in this world that are toxic. Jesus Christ's love and mercy will protect us if we allow Him to. Amen.


When we honestly look at our failures, we will see where we left God out. Amen.


That's what we should look like after walking out from a Mass. Fed with God's Word and Body we should be glowing as an example for others. Amen.


God has given us time here to undergo many things. There will be joy and sorrow; happiness and pain, and much much more. God will never give us more than we can handle. He is with us always. Amen.


There is nothing like Sunday morning Mass in a small rural Church. Praising God with farmers and ranchers. Amen.

Enjoying creation

Spent a few days in God's country with friends away from the world. Reception is much clearer. Amen.


Here and now. It's a gift from God. Use it wisely. Amen.


Jesus Christ took care of it. Now we can focus on today for Him. Amen.


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