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Not to be taken lightly

Just because we don't see the impact of those little things we for others doesn't mean we should take them lightly. Amen.

Small and simple

It is the little things we do in life that can have the greatest impact in our world. Amen.

In turn

When we help others with no expectations, we will find others there to help us when we need it. God at work in us. Amen.


God guides us on our journey when we let him. And He calls us to help guide others. Amen.

A Promise

God keeps His promises. And we must do the same. Amen.

Help or Harm

We must remember everything we say and do has a lasting effect. When others can only see Jesus through us there is no chance for harm. Amen.

Cotton candy

Fluff with no substance. A seeming majority of society is satisfied with that. Every word Jesus spoke had substance and we must do the same. Amen.

Church calisthenics

Stand, sit, kneel and repeat. Each position serves a purpose. We need to keep our mind with our body so we don't end up "going through the motions." Let us praise and worship God with all of our body, mind, soul, and strength. Amen.

Our Faith in action

Faith itself is a grace from God and it changes us. Our faith in action changes the world around us. Amen.

Son Light

There is seemingly much darkness in the world. It can be easy to get lost in it. There is just as much brightness, if not more. Jesus lovingly shows us the way. Amen.


If we look carefully at our lives, we will see just how steadfast God is through the people and events. Amen.


We need to respect ourselves, others, nature, and all we are given, as everything comes from God. Amen.


On our journey God calls us to share what He has blessed us with. Those who have much can share more, and those with less can share a little. In this selfless act we show love to God and neighbor. Amen.


We were not created to be alone. We were created in God's image and to be with other people. In our companionship we glorify Him. Amen.

Small bites

Growing stronger in our faith is like eating a big juicy cheeseburger. One bite at a time, where it is savored, swallowed, and allowed to settle. Amen.

Dying unto self

How many times did your old self die yesterday? In other words: How many times as a child of God did you put the needs of another before yourself with no expectation for anything in return? Amen.

Do things really change?

We're not talking about the drive-thru menu, but about us. And the answer is "yes" when we respond to God's call. That type of change is life altering. Amen.


We are all threads of different colors woven into God's cloth. Through our differences we find our similarities; and God's love that is our bond. Amen.

There is much good

If we can look past all of the seemingly bad in the world, we will find there is still much good. When we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, He will take us to those people, places, and things. Amen.

Taking from the world

As we keep our eyes on the final destination, God provides for our needs and desires. Amen.


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