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During the Lenten Season, many parishes sponsor "missions" as an added opportunity for us to grow in and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. I would encourage you to find and attend one as I have seen faith lives transformed. Amen.


Isn't free to live as we want and do want we want. Freedom is to live and do as God wants - without the slavery of sin. Amen.

Best Friend Forever

We are blessed with many friends throughout life who are always there for us. There is one who is our BFF - Jesus Christ, who laid down his life so we can have eternal life. Amen.


From our earthly birth to death we are called to conversion to prepare for eternal life with God in our heavenly home. Jesus told us many times in many ways it is not easy. But through Him and with Him it is POSSIBLE. Amen.

He Leadeth

Our loving God wants us to be with Him so much, He will actively lead-guide-direct us. If we simply allow it. Amen.

No time... the present. We're still in the first week of Lent. Say a "Glory Be" every time you wash your hands. Amen.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Erases the distance we have created from God for our self and puts us on the right path. What a wonderful gift to enable us to fulfill His plan for us to live with Him eternally. Amen.

God's Gravity

On earth; what goes up must come down. With God; what goes down (our falls) can go up. Amen.

Unhappy happiness

True happiness comes from within through God's graces. Even in tough times we can still be happy from that unwavering peace and joy. Amen.

Blame game

Lent is the the perfect time to take responsibility for one's own action. God knows what is on our hearts! Amen.

Finding answers

We fool ourselves and look everywhere. If we just stop and look to Jesus Christ; we will never have to look any further ever again in this life time. Amen.

+ or -

Instead of giving something up for lent; do something extra. We can add a Novena to our prayers or volunteer at a local non-profit. God wants us more alive in our faith! Amen.


Lent, like spring can have a warming affect -- on our hearts. God's loves will melt the hardness of our hearts if we let it. A soft heart allows us to see our world and the people in it much differently. Amen.


Lent can be a most fruitful time for us. We will get out of Lent what we put into Lent. Amen.


Being true to God, enables us to be true to ourselves and those we encounter on our journey. Amen.


Pride is a gigantic stumbling block. Much of the wrong in this world can clearly be attributed to it. One characteristic all the Saints share is humility. And we are called by God to be Holy. Amen.


What is most important? Things of this world, or things of Heaven. There's a clue in case you aren't sure. Amen.

Slow down

Time is almost as important as money in this world. We have no real control over it. God has only given us so much of it here. We really should put it to good use - to recognize God in it and to share that fact with others. Amen.

Jesus Saves

Two powerful words. What more do we need to know? Amen.

The Lord's Prayer

Jesus Christ has given us the perfect prayer. We can say it anywhere at anytime and know that God the Father hears us. Alleluia.


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