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Are very popular; fictitious men and women with weapons and powers who make us feel safe. In reality, Jesus has saved us by conquering death through love. And, He transcends time. Alleluia.


afraid or alone. I am tied to Jesus Christ and His Church. How about you? Amen.


The world is not flat. Recent events have Catholics on an uphill trudge. We do it the same as on straightaways and downhills; Together. Amen.

New Old School

How do we talk to people about Jesus Christ today? Do we use words like: "Emmanuel", " Messiah" or "Son of Man"? Or do we use: "My Savior", "My Best Friend" or "My Everything"? Jesus Christ is alive, here, and with us at all times. We talk about Jesus present and future. Amen.


The things of this world can numb our senses. Only Jesus Christ can restore the sensations through Faith - Hope - and Love. Alleluia.

With a child's perspective

We can make the majority of things in this life to be work; or we can make them to be play. We are after all God's children and he created Earth for us.


When we live for God we become carefree as most of the things of this world are no longer important. Amen.

The Changes

When we make ourselves truly available to God, He will bring about changes in us that are nothing short of miracles. Amen.

Eyes that see

"Seeing is believing." "There's more to it than meets the eye." "I see what your saying." And then Jesus said, "Let those with eyes see." Often, to truly see we must be vulnerable to see with our hearts.

Getting it right

Ever get it right but not know how? That's God's grace. Alleluia.


When we give ourselves in service to others simply out of love without anything expected in return we are the hands of Jesus Christ. Touching lives changes the world. Amen.

Turning words into actions

The words, "Jesus, I trust you" roll easily off the tongue. Putting those same words into action can prove extremely difficult. Jesus desires us to turn to him for everything. Start with a seemingly easy problem and work your way up. Amen.

Strength of Heart

A great gift one can ask for in prayer. The purification of the heart and guidance by the Holy Spirit are said to be the two poles of the whole spiritual life. Amen.

Hide 'n Go Seek

A childhood game adopted by adults. We hide from ourselves and God. Instead, like Samuel we only need to say, "Here I am..." Amen.

Failing to forgive...

...has a greater consequence on us than the person we fail to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift to all who are involved. Amen.

Having Mary in our lives

From the cross, Jesus gave us His Mother. From Heaven, Mary intercedes for us and provides special graces in our lives. Let us rejoice and praise God for Her Assumption today. Amen.


Go spend time in Adoration. Kneel before the Monstrous and find yourself eye-to-eye with Jesus Christ. Adoration can bring a lasting smile or generate a river of tears. Both are pure love! Alleluia.


What the youth and young adults on the retreat have is community. They are accepting, supportive, and nurturing. It is a distinct contract from the many adults who arrive late and leave early from the Parish Masses. As they say, "God is Good All the Time." Amen.


Spent the weekend on a retreat with teens and young adults. Their insightfulness to the ways of this world and the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives is truly amazing. Inspiring! Alleluia.


For most, careers require continued education. Many hobbies require continued learning to develop the associated skills. The same is true with one's faith life. Bible studies, prayer and spiritual classes are available at all parishes; although poorly attended at many. To be a good disciple of Jesus, one needs to be a good student. Amen.


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