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Sure footed

With the knowledge our God is with us always, we can be sure of our path and negotiate any obstacles. Alleluia.


Today's world is complicated. Living as a pilgrim in the world, with eyes fixed on our destination and hearts filled with God's peace, is uncomplicated. Alleluia.

Back to the basics

Three basic questions: 1. Where did we come from? 2. Where are we going? 3. Who connects those two? We just need to stay true to the truth and follow His course. Alleluia.

What to believe

Our faith leads us to the truth. The problem is the truth often doesn't follow what goes on in the world. And then as Christians, we don't fit in. Amen.


How carefully do we listen to that little voice and follow it's effect on our heart. The Holy Spirit only speaks the truth. Alleluia.


In the quiet there is a small voice which touches our heart. It was given to us at Baptism and guides us through life. Alleluia.

Our vocation

Single, married, religious? How do we know? Will we cooperate with God?

Our Mother

The is no love like that of a mother's. Our Blessed Mother intercedes for us and shares Her graces. There is much we can learn from Her. Alleluia.

Vine and branches

Like the branches of the grapevine, our lives are intertwined with countless people. It is in this non-competitive, supportive, relationship we collectively produce as many fruits for God our Father. Alleluia.

How do we know?

The things of this world are of lesser importance to us! Love is that essence connecting Heaven and earth we desire. Alleluia.

What's important now...

...quite simply. Is a real relationship with Jesus Christ. And that is not easy as it requires change on our part.

Here and Now

The Kingdom of God is here! We need to ask ourselves; "Are we living in it now?" Alleluia.

A New Heaven & Earth

We persevere the hardships of this world for God's promise of a new Heaven and Earth. Alleluia.

Love is the life force

Jesus' new commandment: "Love on another as I have loved you." Our God is love. Our lives are different when we feel loved and when we love. What is more important than love?

Not always easy

Being true to our faith as followers of Jesus Christ is not always easy. It often requires sacrifice. When we think our situation is too difficult, we just have to look at the Crucifix. Alleluia.

Trust in the works

Everything Jesus Christ did was a work of the Father. And everything we do as Christians, is a work through the son and of the Father. Alleluia.


What we get out of of anything depends greatly on what we put into it. God told us to love him and our neighbor. Alleluia.


God loves each and everyone of us. That makes us worthy no matter what we're thinking of ourselves. Alleluia.

Calm in the Storm

We can find ourselves in relational storms. The question is do we add to the severity; or do we remain calm? We do not have to surrender our peace in any situation. We just let the Holy Spirit guide us. Alleluia.

Never forget

We don't live in the past; we draw from the past. Our past puts the present into perspective. And that prepares us for our future. And never forget God is present in all of it. Alleluia.


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